Model 600D Series Electrochemical Analyzer/Workstation



Galvanostat (Model 660D)

Potential range:  -10 to 10 V

Potentiostat rise time:  < 1 μs

Compliance voltage:  12 V

3- or 4-electrode configuration

Current range:  250 mA

Reference electrode input impedance:  1x1012 ohm

Sensitivity scale:  1x10-12 - 0.1 A/V in 12 ranges

Input bias current:  < 50 pA

Current measurement resolution:  <  0.01 pA

Minimum potential increment in CV:  100 μV

Potential update rate:  10 MHz

Fast data acquisition: 16 bit @ 1 MHz

External signal recording channel

Automatic and manual iR compensation

Automatic potential and current zeroing

Flash memory for quick software update

Serial port or USB selectable for data communication

CV and LSV scan rate:  0.000001 to 5000 V/s

Potential increment during scan:  0.1 mV @ 1000 V/s

CA and CC pulse width:  0.0001 to 1000 sec

CA and CC Steps: 320

True integrator for CC

DPV and NPV pulse width:  0.001 to 10 sec

SWV frequency:  1 to 100 kHz

ACV frequency:  0.1 to 10 kHz

SHACV frequency:  0.1 to 5 kHz

IMP frequency:  0.00001 to 100 kHz (extend to 1MHz for impedence 10-1000 ohm)

IMP amplitude:  0.00001V to 0.7V RMS

Potential, current low-pass filters, covering 8-decade frequency range, Automatic and manual setting

RDE rotation control voltage output:  0 - 10 V (Model 630D and up)

Cell control: purge, stir, knock

Maximum data length:  128K-8192K selectable

Dimensions:  14.25(W) x 9.25(D) x 4.75(H)

Weight: 12 Lb.

Square wave voltammogram

Square wave voltammogram

Cyclic voltammogram at 1000V/s

Cyclic voltammogram at 1000V/s.

Amperometric i-t Curve

Amperometric i-t Curve

Phase selective second harmonic AC voltammogram

Phase selective second harmonic AC voltammogram.


Interactive 3D plot - Z"-Z' log-freq